Q.What is a Bomber?

A: Our original B-22 Bomber is basically similar to a koozie, however it's designed to fit the common 22 oz beer bottle used by many microbreweries. Our product is well crafted of high-quality neoprene finished off with a vibrant sublimation print and are signature patch & zipper pull. Our mission is to produce a collection of designs while keeping your bomber on chill. Since launching in 2015, we have expanded our product line to accommodate other size bottles and even aluminum cans. Are most popular size today is for the 16 ounce can.

Q.What is a Koozie?

A. A koozie (also spelled koozie, coozie, cozie, cooze, or kozy) is a type of insulating sleeve or casing that is designed to keep a can or bottle of beer, soda, or other beverage cold. It is often made of foam or neoprene, and is used to keep the beverage cold and to prevent the drinker's hand from getting too warm. Some koozies also have a zipper or other type of closure to help keep the beverage inside the sleeve.

Q: What's the best way to keep beer cold?

A. The best way to keep beer cold is to store it in a refrigerator or cooler with ice. You can also wrap the beer in a damp cloth and place it in a cool, shady spot to help it stay cold. Additionally, you can try using a Bomber insulator, which is a special insulating sleeve designed to keep cans and bottles of beer cold. Some people also find that adding a few ice cubes to their beer can help keep it cold. Ultimately, the key to keeping beer cold is to minimize its exposure to warm temperatures.

Q. How is a Bomber different from other koozies?

A: The quality of our bottle insulators are superior to other similar products. Our heavy gage neoprene is made to last and out perform it's competition. We also use gold alloy zippers for a more premium look and feel. Our brand is founded on originality making it the first in it's class. Bomber insulators are nothing short of a lifestyle accessory. Now let's fight the #WARonWARM!

Q. How should I use my Bomber?

 A: For best results zip your 22 oz brew or other size in our insulators prior to refrigeration. This is not required, however we find it decreases the variables in temperature loss. Bomber's couture design has a snug fit, and requires one use to be fully broken in. Our insulators can also be used to block damaging UV rays when againg barrel aged stouts, barley wines, ect.  

Q. Do you handle custom orders?

A: Yes, we can print basically anything on our Bombers. If your are looking to promote your , winery, restaurant, microbrewery or event we got you covered. Our insulators are printed on quality 4mm thick neoprene using the sublimation process. We can customize everything down to the patch and zipper pull with your logo, or custom design.

Custom beverage insulators with zippers are the perfect solution for keeping your drinks cold and your hands dry. These insulators are designed to fit snugly around your favorite cans and bottles, and the zipper closure makes it easy to open and close your drink whenever you need a refreshment. Made from high-quality, durable materials, these insulators will keep your drinks cold for hours, so you can enjoy them at the beach, on a picnic, or anywhere else you want to stay hydrated. Plus, with the option for custom printing, you can add your logo or design to create a unique and branded product for your business or event. Order your custom beverage insulators with zippers today and never worry about warm drinks again! If interested contact Info@BomberGlobal.com 

Q. How well does Bomber work?

A: Our insulators will keep your beer noticeably colder at its finish. When using Bomber outside, you can reduce the rate your drink warms up by 50%. Very practical for outdoor activities, or even just transporting some bombers to your buddies house! Our insulators are made of quality material for long last use. Bomber is collapsable and can be folded and stored in pocket for when on-the-go.

Q.What inspired the Bomber brand?

A: We wanted to fill a gap in the rising craft beer industry with art at hand. There is no one is currently making 22 oz koozies in the game like Us. Our brand was inspired by a solution. We feel that larger beers tend to warm to a undesired temperature before for being consumed. Since our inception, we have released insulators for all sizes ranging from 750 mL bottles, to 12 oz slim cans.

Q. Do you offer international shipping?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide Via USPS, however the buyer is responsible for paying duties/import taxes if occurred. Please allow up 6-10 days for delivery. 

Q. Where are Bombers produced?

A: Our insulators are designed in St. Louis Missouri, & crafted in China. We are very big on quality and strive to deliver nothing less then a stellar product. 


Neoprene zipper beverage insulators are the perfect accessory for anyone who loves to enjoy a cold drink on the go. Made from high-quality neoprene, these insulators will keep your beverage at the perfect temperature for hours on end. The zipper design makes it easy to slip your drink in and out, and the insulator itself is slim and lightweight, so it won't add any unnecessary bulk to your bag. Plus, the neoprene material is both durable and easy to clean, so you can enjoy your insulator for years to come. Whether you're headed to the beach, the park, or just hanging out in the backyard, these neoprene zipper beverage insulators are an essential companion for anyone who loves to stay hydrated in style.