Breakfast beer

Breakfast beers

Breakfast beers, also known as "morning beers," are a growing trend among craft beer enthusiasts. These beers are typically brewed with ingredients that are associated with breakfast, such as coffee, oats, and maple syrup. They often have a lower alcohol content, making them a more socially acceptable option for enjoying a beer in the morning.

One popular example of a breakfast beer is the "breakfast stout," which is typically made with a base of dark malts and brewed with coffee and chocolate flavors. These beers are often described as having a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, with flavors of rich chocolate and roasted coffee.

Another type of breakfast beer is the "oatmeal stout," which is brewed with oats in addition to the usual barley malt. The oats give these beers a smooth and creamy texture, while also adding a nutty flavor. Oatmeal stouts are often described as having a "breakfast-like" quality, making them a popular choice for those looking to enjoy a beer with their morning meal.

In addition to coffee and oats, some breakfast beers are also brewed with ingredients like maple syrup or vanilla. These beers can add a sweet and indulgent twist to the traditional breakfast flavors.

While breakfast beers may not be for everyone, they are a fun and unique option for those looking to mix up their morning routine. They are also a great way to start off a weekend day or to celebrate a special occasion. So next time you're looking for a twist on your morning brew, consider giving a breakfast beer a try!

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